The Interface with God!

Devotees with folded hands and tears in their eyes, unburden their bundles of woes, grievances, queries and desires.
He reads their minds and reacts with precision. They will never be the same after his Darsan and return with their tension eased, queries answered and desires fulfilled.
This interface with the Lord is the quintessence of the Muthappa-devotee relationship.
Perhaps, nowhere, the proximity to God is so near. Elsewhere, devotees reveal their minds to a deity, or an oracle but here, they feel, hear, talk directly to the Almighty and get their hundreds of tormenting earthly and ethereal worries solved.

Muthappan - the Mukteswara

There are umpteen ways to reach the Almighty, whether the means are mantra, yantra or tantra. Some observe restrictions in food, arduous rituals and penance for days, weeks, months and even years. Muthappan demands faith. Have full faith, call Muthapan and He never forsakes you. Instantaneous is His blessings. He is `bheeshta varadayaka’ He is Mukteswara. He is compassion incarnate. Ask your desires, whether mundane or beyond, He fulfils it. Bow and arrow are His weapons. He is no hunter of ordinary animals. He hunts the wild animals of raga and `dwesha’ in the forests of the mind, thereby purifies it and makes it befitting for the Lord to dwell in it.

One has to climb 18 steps to reach Lord Ayyapa. The steps represent the `anchendriyas, ashtaragas, trigunas and vidya’and `vidya.’Only after performing strict penance for 41 days, `eevatma’ is eligible to climb those 18 steps and reach `Paramatma’ - Ayyappa. Muthappan incarnated for the poor and the uneducated. Due to many factors, they were down the ladder of social strata, having neither the expertise nor wherewithal to learn and follow the complicated path of God realization. He combined the virtues of crossing the 18 steps in one leap. Hence, Muthappan gives instant blessings to devotees and in turn demands total faith. Methodology apart, both Ayyappa and Muthappan target the ascend of human soul.

For the Lord who writes the fate of the universe and its laws on the pedestal with the movement of His arrow, this is only another play. The devotees need only to open their heart and fill the void with His divine bliss.