Rate of Offerings

The unique feature of a Sri Muthappan centre of worship is that one can give offerings directly to the Lord.
Cash offerings are given in the hands of Sri Muthappan. Offerings at Mauthappan centre are different from other temples. Common offerings like pushpanjali, abhishekam and dhara are not performed here. `Thiruvappana, Vellattam, payankutty, karimkalasam, choroonu’ and `thulabharam’ are common offerings at Kunnathurpadi and Parassini. Offerings are given to Moolampetta Bhagavathi at Padi. `Pattum kodumudi charthal’ is a special offering at Padi.

Marriages are conducted at Paraassini.

There are slight variations in charges for offerings at Padi and Parassini.


At Kunnathurpadi

Thiruvappana : Rs 15.50
Vellattam : Rs 2.50
Moolampetta Bhagavathi : Rs 2.50
Oottum Vellattam : Rs 45.50
Pattam Kodumudi Charthal : Rs 21.50
Karimkalasam : Rs 11.50
Payankutty : Rs 0.50
Choroonu : Rs 5.00
Thulabharam (in addition to articles) : Rs 5.00

Contact Address

S K Kunhiraman Nayanar,
Herditary Trustee,
Kunnathurpadi Sri Muthappan Devasthanam.
Kunnathurpadi. Kannur Dist.
Ph: 91-498-210283

At Parassini

: Rs 13.25
Karimkalasam : Rs 8.00
Oottuvellattam : Rs 2.62
Payamkutty Vellattam : Rs 1.25
Payamkutty : Rs 0.25
Marriage : Rs 5.25
Vilakkum Mala : Rs 1.00
ChoroonuThiruvappana : Rs 0 .75

Contact Address

P M Mukundan Madayan
Trustee and General Manager,
Parassini Madappura.
Parassinikkadavu P O.
Kannur Dist 670 563.
Ph: 91-497-780722